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Move-in inspection and cleaning order

The cleaning level of the apartment is assessed by the apartment inspectionlike that. Failure to perform move-in cleaning entitles the landlord to order cleaning on the tenant's bill. If the cleaning of the common areas is neglected in a cell apartment when the resident changes, all residents will be billed for the cleaning.

Moving cleaning checklist:

  1. Empty all cabinets and clean cabinets, cabinet doors and covers.

  2. Wipe stains from walls and doors and light switches. Especially on doors, dark dirt often accumulates around the handle.

  3. Clean the exhaust air valves.

  4. Clean the stove and oven properly. If necessary, move the stove out of its recess and also clean the side walls and the floor. Wipe the cooker hood and wash the cooker hood filter.

  5. Defrost the freezer and wash the refrigerator. If you do not turn the refrigerator back on after cleaning, leave the refrigerator doors ajar to prevent the refrigerator from smelling.

  6. Wash the floors and walls of the toilet, bathroom and sauna. If necessary, also wipe the ceiling clean. Wipe the furniture, such as the toilet bowl, the sink and the mirror cabinet, as well as the faucets. Also remember the underside of the sink and the foot of the sink, as dirt accumulates over time.

  7. Clean the bathroom floor drain and odor traps.

  8. Wash the windows of the apartment (with frost only from the inside).

  9. Sweep or vacuum the floors and wipe them with a damp cloth - never wet.

  10. Empty and sweep the balcony and the net closet.

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