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Terms & Conditions




2ndhomes Tampere Ltd (Business ID 2889484-3)

Short-term Rental Agreement



These Terms and Conditions are applied between 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. (Business ID 2889484-3) (hereinafter 2ndhomes Tampere) and the Customer, when the Customer rents an apartment from 2ndhomes Tampere and when the rental services, or additional services, are provided to the Customer by 2ndhomes Tampere. 2ndhomes Tampere can also act in behalf of a private host, if the company provides a hosting service to the mentioned person. The parties to this contract are the Customer and the 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. In addition, booking and providing the accommodation services will be subject to the terms and conditions of any booking platform used, such as AirBnB, or Expedia.


Customer Responsibility and Disclosure of Content of the Short-term Rental Agreement


The Customer is the person who made the reservation, anyone staying at the property, and anyone visiting the property. It is the primary responsibility of the person who has made the reservation, and thus the person who has accepted these terms and conditions, to meet and honor all obligations and damages arising from the agreement. It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to ensure that persons staying or visiting the apartment are aware of all the terms, conditions and obligations regarding the use of the accommodation.


The person who has made the reservation is obligated to immediately inform the 2ndhomes Tampere the essential contact and identification information of all the guests prior to the commencement of the contract and in the event of a change of the guests by emailing 2ndhomes Tampere at


Conclusion and validity of the contract


Unless otherwise agreed, the reservation made by the Client shall be binding on the parties to the agreement after the Client has made the reservation. 2ndhomes Tampere may require the Customer to make an advance payment before the reservation becomes binding on the Customer, i.e. before the expiry of any free cancellation period. Free cancellation times are always announced separately at the time of booking on the accommodation platform. If there is no mention of free cancellation period, then the reservation is non-refundable. No interest is charged on reservation or advance payments. The accommodation agreement is valid for the period specified in the agreement.


The Short-term Rental Agreement, with all its terms and conditions, will become fully effective without separate confirmation as soon as any free cancellation period has expired or when this form is submitted. Otherwise, the Short-term Rental Agreement, with all its terms and conditions, shall become effective in its entirety as soon as they have been delivered to the Customer via the Accommodation Services platform or to the email specified by the Customer.


2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. has the right to charge the Customer for the extended length of the Short-term Rental Agreement in accordance with the criteria set forth in the Short-term Rental Agreement. In addition, 2ndhomes Tampere shall be entitled to invoice the Customer for all costs and expenses incurred due to the Customer's failure to fulfill its obligations under the Short-term Rental Agreement on time.




Once a binding agreement has become effective, the Customer shall be obliged to pay the fees agreed in the Short-term Rental Agreement at the latest on the due date in accordance with the payment terms of the Short-term Rental Agreement or the payment terms of the accommodation service platform.


Delayed payments


2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. has the right to charge delayed payment interest of 8 % from the due date. However, in the case of the consumer, the default interest is governed by the Interest Act. The Customer will be charged a processing fee of 5 € for the delayed payment request.


Customer Disclosure Obligations


When making a reservation, the Customer must provide valid and legally required travel information or other personal information necessary for the accommodation for 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. If the above information has been misrepresented at the time of booking, the Customer must correct this information immediately by notifying 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. by sending email to Upon request, the Customer must prove his identity, at latest when retrieving the apartment keys. If requested, the Customer must also prove his/hers identity before submitting the keys by submitting a copy of his/hers ID to 2ndhomes Tampere. If the Customer does not provide travel and/or personal information, 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd has the right not to hand over the keys for the accommodation. This does not relieve Customer of its obligation to perform its obligations under the Agreement.


Obligations relating to the use of the accommodation


Guests may use the property for normal living. The property or any part thereof shall not be transferred to another person unless this has been agreed in writing in advance with 2ndhomes Tampere Oy.

  • The Customer must take care of the apartment and its belongings and equipment, and use the apartment, belongings and equipment only for their normal intended use.

  • It is forbidden to cause disturbance at the apartment and the Customer shall not disturb the residents of the building by his/hers behavior. During the stay, the regulations of the accommodation and the housing association, the instructions and regulations issued by the authorities and the legislation must be observed. It is the Customer's responsibility to find out and search into these instructions and policies.

  • Smoking or using perfumes in the accommodation that could be harmful to the next guest is forbidden.

  • The property must not be engaged in any criminal activity.

  • Making copies of the apartment keys is prohibited.

  • No pets are allowed in the accommodation without the prior written consent of 2ndhomes Tampere representative.


In addition, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that:


• The apartment and common areas remain clean and comfortable

• The lights, electrical appliance and water taps are turned off when the Customer is not present in the apartment or when he/she is sleeping

• The doors are locked and the windows are closed every time the Customer leaves the apartment

• The apartment keys and any door codes are not passed on or lost

• There is no repairs, alterations or any other construction work done at/to the property

• Parties are not organized without prior written permission of 2ndhomes Tampere representative

• The shoes are taken off in the apartment when walking outside the hallway


If the Customer has violated the above obligations, the Short-term Rental Agreement has been violated, in which case the violating person may be immediately removed from the accommodation. In such a case, the expelled person may not claim reimbursement or reduction of the accommodation price, but shall be liable for the remaining obligations under the contract.


In addition to full compensation for any damaged property, 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd is entitled to compensation from the Customer in the event of the Customer's violation of the Short-term Rental Agreement. The amount of this compensation will be determined according to the table below:


Penalty of 100 € or more:

  • Damage to furniture, fixed furnishings or parts of the apartment

  • Bringing a pet or other domestic animal to the apartment without a prior written permission

  • Breaking the condominium's silence and disturbing the neighbors (determined by Police, property manager or a neighbour contacting 2ndhomes Tampere representative or the owner of the apartment)

  • Smoking in the apartment in a way that the smell of the tobacco can be sensually detected by the staff of 2ndhomes Tampere after the client leaves the apartment

  • Organizing parties in the apartment

  • Allowing unauthorized persons to the apartment without a written permission of 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd.

  • Inviting a representative of 2ndhomes Tampere Oy to open the apartment door


Penalty of 500 € or more:

  • Damage to the property, fixed furnishings or other parts of apartment from 100 € to 500 €

  • Loss of the keys of the apartment


Penalty of 1000 € or more:

  • Damage to the property, fixed furnishings or other parts of apartment for up to 500 €

  • Breaking the condominium's silence and disturbing neighbors (determined by 2ndhomes Tampere receiving a written warning)


Customer's personal items


2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. is not responsible for any items left in the Accommodation or public areas.


2ndhomes Tampere Ltd.'s right of access to the accommodation for the purpose of monitoring the condition and caring the accommodation


The Customer must promptly allow a representative of 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd or a technical representative designated by the housing company to visit the apartment. If necessary, a representative of 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. or a third party, such as the owner of the apartment or a person authorized by him, has the right to inspect the accommodation without the Customer's specific consent. If the Customer has ordered services from 2ndhomes Tampere that require a visit to the accommodation, the Customer may not always be able to give advance notice of the time of the visit.


Communications relating to the Agreement


When making a reservation, the Customer must provide an email address to which 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. can send notices of contract. During the Short-term Rental Agreement, 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd. may also send the Customer e-mails and SMS notifications related to the accommodation service, among other things, of the contractual deadlines and/or other obligations.


Compensation for damage, inconvenience and disturbance


The Customer is liable to fully compensate 2ndhomes Tampere for any loss or damage caused by the Customer, intentionally, through negligence or other negligence, to the apartment, its equipment and furnishings, to any other premises used by the Customer or to third parties and their property. The lost property and the cleaning costs due to unusual contamination of the Customer's premises shall also be fully reimbursed. In addition to the above-mentioned additional charges, the Customer is liable for any damage or disturbance to the Property.


In addition, the Customer shall fully compensate 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd for any loss of income resulting from the temporary closure of the property on the basis of the average income for the corresponding period of the previous year if the apartment or the person relating to the accommodation, its equipment and furnishings, other premises used by the Host, or third parties and their property. This compensation can also be calculated by reviewing the lost income to similar properties managed by 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd within the time frame of the exact propety being closed for new bookings.


2ndhomes Tampere cannot be held responsible for any personal or property damage caused in or outside the apartment during the stay. It is also the customer's responsibility to immediately report any safety flaws that they discover during their stay. These safety flaws must be informed in writing to


Exemption from liability


The Customer will be released from liability if and only when 2ndhomes Tampere receives full compensation from Customer.


Notice of damages


The Customer must immediately notify 2ndhomes Tampere of any damage to the apartment. In addition to 2ndhomes Tampere, if any damage or damage has been caused to any property, the Customer must immediately notify the maintenance company of the housing association. The Customer who fails to comply with his obligation to report shall be liable for any damage resulting from such failure.


Force majeure


Water damage, accident, fire, strike, natural disaster, power outage, water and sewer problems, heating problems, internet outages, and third-party maintenance, repair, or other work are considered to be force majeure. The force majeure encountered by a partner of 2ndhomes Tampere is also considered as a basis for the discharge of 2ndhomes Tampere.


Termination of the contract


2ndhomes Tampere has the right to terminate the Short-term Rental Agreement if it turns out that the Customer has violated the Agreement. The Agreement will terminate immediately upon notice of termination or at a later date if 2ndhomes Tampere has notified a later date. Upon termination, this Agreement will continue to be relevant as to the basis for calculating the compensation.


2ndhomes Tampere has the right to immediately terminate the contract for the following reasons, for instance:

  • Outstanding payments

  • Transferring the right to use the property to a third party without the permission from 2ndhomes Tampere Ltd.

  • Disturbance of the neighbors

  • Damage to the property and other premises used by the Customer

  • Failure to comply with regulations of housing association and/or authorities

  • Acting in violation to Finnish law at the accommodation

  • If the Property has been used for purposes other than normal living or if the Customer has permitted people outside the Agreement to visit/stay in the apartment and this has not been notified by email to 2ndhomes Tampere prior to check-in.


2ndhomes Tampere reserves the right to hand over the keys. The keys will not be handed over to the person who made the reservation or another authorized person if it is suspected that the person is intoxicated, will cause disturbance in the apartment or violate the conditions of this agreement during their stay. 2ndhomes Tampere reserves the right to assess the situation during the check-in. Should 2ndhomes Tampere decide not to hand over the keys to the Customer on the above grounds, 2ndhomes Tampere shall be entitled under this Agreement to collect the full payment from the Customer for the reservation without transferring the right to use the apartment to the Customer.


If part of the agreement is or becomes invalid due to regulatory changes, governmental order, or other reasons, the agreement remains in force for the rest.


Disputes concerning the observance of the Short-term Rental Agreement, these Terms and Conditions and any other disputes between the Contracting Parties shall be resolved in accordance with Finnish law regardless of nationality and status of the parties.

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